I'm a freelance graphic and web designer, and a Linux and Open Source Software user. I like to read, play chess and I follow a minimalist philosophy.

Things I do

  • Graphic design (logo, ui, mockup, business card, youtube video thumbnail, etc.)
  • Graphics for chess variants (piece sets & boards)
  • Web design
  • Write HTML/CSS
  • Contribute to open source software
kanazawa shogi mod An unofficial, modified version of Kanazawa Shogi Lite
The original version is free, so this is free, too! This is only a mod for Shogi fans.

  • The first one-kanji set is replaced by the "kanji light 3D OTB" set (v1.1)
  • Internationalized set is included (this is the default)
  • Doubutsu piecet set is included (see: Wikipedia: Dōbutsu shōgi)
  • Kanji Red Wood piece set is included (you have to win a game against the computer to unlock it)
  • Main menu and some graphics were changed
  • The app icon is changed
  • Some words/string were changed in the menus

Merch (my designs on Redbubble)

  • T-shirts, phone & tablet cases, stickers, etc.
  • Over 240 designs and thousands of items with international shipping!

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