Graphics and web desolatordesigner, Linux user, minimalist, reader, chess noob.

kanazawa shogi mod An unofficial, modified version of Kanazawa Shogi Lite
The original version is free, so this is free, too! This is only a mod for Shogi fans.

  • The first one-kanji set is replaced by the "kanji light 3D OTB" set (v1.1)
  • Internationalized set is included (this is the default)
  • Doubutsu piecet set is included (see: Wikipedia: Dōbutsu shōgi)
  • Kanji Red Wood piece set is included (you have to win a game against the computer to unlock it)
  • Main menu and some graphics were changed
  • The app icon is changed
  • Some words/string were changed in the menus


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